External Room Booking Landing Page

Questions you need to ask before booking an event or room:

Any of these considerations may add cost and must be reviewed before providing a price.

How many people do you expect?

When do you need it?

Do you need to set up in advance?

Is the date fixed or do you have some flexibility?

Do you need any additional chairs, tables?

Does the configuration of the room need to be changed?

Do you have audio-visual requirements?

Do you have any specific power requirements?

Do you need sandwich boards announcing your event and directing participants to the correct building?

Would you like to advertise on the electronic signage road sign?

Are special parking arrangements necessary?

Outdoor spaces:

  • Do you need picnic tables or rental tents?
  • Do you need fencing?

What are your food and beverage needs?

Are you planning on serving liquor?

What security needs do you have?

  • Any of the following can require additional security.
  • Controversial event material
  • Alcohol
  • Number of attendees
  • Time of day or year