Shipping and Receiving

Central Stores will receive materials and equipment; inspect items received for quantity, quality, condition and any special specifications as indicated on the purchase order; coordinate delivery to the requesting department; ship items returned to vendors; process loss, shortage and damage claims to the freight carriers; and consolidate delivery of materials issued from Stores.

Unless otherwise specified on the original purchase order, all supplies and equipment received at Okanagan College will be delivered to Central Stores.  The material will then be delivered to the requesting campus department and receipt will be acknowledged by signature on a delivery form.

Direct Shipments to Departments

Merchandise Ordered on a Purchase Order - Central Stores should be notified immediately of the receipt of any material which requires processing by Central Stores in order to close the purchase order and allow for the process of payment to the vendor.  All merchandise documentation such as packing slips should be forwarded to Central Stores.

Credit Card Purchases

It is preferred that all credit card purchases be delivered directly to Central Stores.  The Department must advise the vendor of the following:

  • Name of the person placing the order
  • Department
  • Location (building and room number)
  • Specifiy "credit card purchase" on the package
  • If the goods/product need to be shipped to Okanagan College, they should be delivered directly to Central Stores
  • Notify Central Stores of the upcoming shipment

     Visa Card Procedures

Retain original packaging for returns or exchanges.

Helpful Tips

  • Check your order immediately (verify you have received what you ordered).
  • Notify Central Stores immediately concerning any discrepancies related to delivered material - local 4261 or email
  • Forward merchandise packing slips and invoices to Central Stores from merchandise ordered on a purchase order and received directly by Departments.

Last Updated : Wednesday, May 30, 2007