Courier Shipments

Courier companies will only go to designated pick-up areas and will not pick-up at individual departments.  Local, regional, national and international courier services are available.

The speed of delivery is variable depending on shipment size and weight, but a general rule is - the faster you want it to get there, the more expensive it will be.

All courier packages must be packaged with a completed way-bill.  A FOAPAL must be provided for chargeback purposes along with the sender’s name and local.

* Personal courier pickups and deliveries cannot be accommodated.

?    Where can I get a courier waybill ...
Reception or your department administration office will have courier waybills.

?    Who completes the courier waybill ...
You do since you are familiar with the contents of the package.

?    Is there a preferred courier service ...
Yes.  Okanagan College has negotiated discount rates with Purolator Courier.  Rates are calculated by weight and postal code.

?    Where do I leave my courier package ...


Leave Courier Packages

Kelowna Campus


For rush envelopes we recommend that it is dropped off at Central Stores.
Large / heavy boxes can either be picked up by Central Stores or dropped off at Central Stores.

Vernon Campus

Continuing Studies Office

Administration Office

Salmon Arm Campus

Front Office / Reception

Penticton Campus


Revelstoke Campus


Courier Web Sites ...

Purolator Courier
UPS Canada
Fed Ex Canada
DHL Courier

Last Updated : Wednesday, May 30, 2007