Okanagan College Water Conservation Initiatives


  • The Center for Learning (KLO Campus) uses only low-flow faucets, showers and toilets, as well as waterless urinals.
  • The Center of Excellence (Penticton Campus) has been fitted with only low flow fixtures as well.
  • Throughout, the entire college, we are systematically replacing all showerheads, faucets and water-closets with low flow models whenever replacements are required. A study is underway to determine the feasibility of replacing all fixtures in the student residence building in a major retrofit.

Bottle Water Stations

  • Several water fountains – some on each campus - have been retrofitted with "bottle fillers" to make refilling reusable water bottles a breeze. An ongoing retrofit program will continue to identify and replace fountains wherever possible.

Native Vegetation / Xeriscaping (see also: Grounds)

  • Currently, 75% of our green areas are covered with only native plants – requiring only natural irrigation. We have an ongoing plan to continue to replace our green areas with native vegetation as budgets allow. All new construction will allow for the planting of only native flora.only


  • Our Irrigation Practice employs a combination of weather informed control supplemented with timers and manual inspections to ensure we are only watering when absolutely necessary.

Rainwater Collection

  • The new Center of Excellence Building – designed to meet the living building challenge will include a rainwater collection irrigation system.

Treated Effluent Water (TEW)

  • The Center of Excellence will use TEW from the neighboring Waste Water Treatment Plant to provide water for grounds irrigation year round, as well as for the water closets in the summer months.