Trash Audit


Trash Audits are held periodically on all our campuses in an effort to identify unnecessary landfill waste and help us further develop waste reduction and diversion initiatives.

Audit Results are available by clicking on the links on the left.

 Past Audit

Multiple dumpsters from around campus are sorted by Student Green Team volunteers into compost, recycle, reuse and trash piles and weighed to provide data on how much material in campus dumpsters is truly waste and how much could have been diverted. The last audit found that 70 percent of the material in campus dumpsters could have been recycled, composted, or reused!

This has led to a number of changes in our practices.
- We identified a large number of disposable coffee cups from fast-food outlets – which has led to an increased emphasis on reusable coffee mugs and water bottles – as well as bottle filling stations.
- We added more "3 compartment" waste/recycle/refundable bins in more strategic locations.
- We added more signage and expanded our education campaign.
- We installed an "Earth Tub" composting system to handle some of our compostable materials.
- The information was also used by our purchasing department to modify some of our purchasing practices.

Trash Audit is a visual message

The Trash Audit sends a strong message to students, staff and faculty who see it taking place. The visual impact of a huge pile of trash with so many items that could have been recycled, reused, or composted helps educate our campus community on how much waste we generate and what everyone can do to reduce that amount.

The results of this audit will help O.C. finish higher in RecycleMania

Okanagan College is a recognized leader in sustainable operations and business practices. The Trash Audit will provide us with the raw data required so we can develop more specific recycling practices which will help us when we complete in RecycleMania next spring. Recyclemania is a national recycling challenge, where OC has consistently placed well.