Waste Diversion

The college continually strives toward a zero waste target, by increasing efforts to source separate and reduce, re-use and recycle at all its campuses.

A brief description of the College Waste Diversion Strategies:

  • The college actively diverts materials from landfill by recycling, reusing, re-selling, donating or composting:
  • We participate every year in "Recyclemania".
  • Periodic Trash Audits to determine what kind of materials are finding their way into our waste streams.
  • In 2008 the college was the first in the area to recycle Styrofoam and continues to do so.
  • In 2007 the college was the first institution within the interior of BC to operate its own fluorescent tube crusher. Crushed glass is processed to recapture the mercury used in their production.
  • We work with other agencies to find opportunities to donategoods: For example: furniture to the Salvation Army. Hospital beds to Missionary hospitals in Africa. Surplus equipment to local churches and other institutions. Periodic “Garage Sales” to raise funds for Bursaries etc.
  • Where possible, we try minimise packaging on goods received.
  • Install efficient dispensers to reduce course paper waste.
  • Install an “on-demand” cleaning products delivery system.