Bike to Work Week

BTWW 2012  

Bike to Work BC


Greetings to Members of the Okanagan College Bike to Work Team!

Bike to Work (BTW) is rapidly approaching (May 28-June 3). Time to dust off your trusty steed and make plans to participate in the Okanagan College BTW Team for 2018.

This year all registration is done online at  

  • Select ‘new registration’ or
  • Returning riders can simply re-activate last year’s registration.
    • Select ‘password recovery’ if you forget your password

To be on our team, you only have to ride one way to or from work, on at least one day during the week of May 28-June 3 (most city buses have bike racks for the return trip).

Of course, I encourage you to ride as much of the week as possible because the more kilometres we can report to Kelowna City Hall, the more money for new bike lanes the city can acquire from the provincial government.

  • Free breakfast food/snacks are available, locations to be announced at
  • As added incentive we will have raffle prizes (bike pumps, bells, tire repair kits etc.)  
  • We are hoping to build our team to 100 riders (usually its 60-75 active members). To help build our team numbers, please forward this email to 2 fellow employees and challenge them to join you on the 2017 Bike to Work Team.

Learn more at

If you have any questions or would like help in preparing your bike or planning a safe route, please contact me.

Ride Safe,

Biker Paul

Okanagan College 250.762.5445 ext. 4928