Clean The Creek Campaign

Help “Clean the Creek”  at the Kelowna campus.
Meet at the bridge between the Student Residences and the Water Treatment Centre on Wednesday, April 13 @ 3:30.  Wear sturdy shoes as area is slippery if it rains.  
Treats will be provided.
Gloves, plastic bags and pinchers are provided.

Please call Angie at loc. 4501 if you would like to help out.  See you out there!


The Regional Dean’s Office at Okanagan College adopted Fascieux Creek on July 12, 2007. 

Angie March got this process started after looking into why this creek, which borders college property, looked so neglected.  The garbage from the neighboring residences and OC’s student residence was overwhelming.  The garbage cans which lined the back alley (borders the creek) were the round kind that would blow over in the wind and tumble into the creek. Clean The Creek Workforce

A clean-up was scheduled later that summer and volunteers showed up with gum boots on and sleeves rolled up and they were ready to tackle the mess.  We pick up a bin of “stuff” from the City of Kelowna that help us with our clean-up, which includes waiver forms, gloves, garbage bags and pinchers for picking up the garbage.

The Regional Dean’s office has kept track of some of the items retrieved from the creek over the years which include candelabras, ironing board, pots and pans, stereo equipment, bed mattresses, rusty metal pipes and lots of cans and bottles and random garbage. The volunteers come out for 3 clean ups per year (spring, summer and fall) sometimes community members and neighbors join us as well.

In July 2011 Okanagan College received the “Environmental Award” by the City of Kelowna recognizing our efforts in helping the sensitive watersheds.  Initially, we were not able to record seeing any animals or fish in the Fascieux Creek area but after a few scheduled clean-ups the fish and wildlife began to return.  We have seen many ducks and ducklings, muscrats and snakes. 

Clean The Creek WildlifeThe water now runs cleanly down the man-made stream with much vegetation lining the banks. Some removal of invasive and noxious weeds has been as well.  OC is committed to continue scheduling Creek Clean-ups and to do what we can to sustain the creek that flows around our campus.