Wildlife Habitat

All college properties are actively engaged in the preservation of Wildlife habitat. Facilities staff performs regular maintenance to all areas and also contract out some services to “Wise Wildlife Control Services”.

·Vernon’s Natural Coulee formations are preserved and maintained by Facilities staff. These shallow valleys are wildlife corridors for Deer, Coyote and Snakes. The upper levels providing nesting sites for Killdeer.

·The Turner Creek watershed is part of the Salmon Arm campus and is governed by the Provincial Riparian Areas Regulation. This area is maintained by college staff and local volunteers. Nesting sites for waterfowl, Red winged Blackbirds and Reed Warblers can be found along its course.

·Timmins Park forms part of the Penticton campus and features some of the regions largest specimen “Heritage Trees”. These magnificent Silver Poplars provide a massive canopy, which is home to many migratory birds and shade for the Yellow bellied Marmots living below. In 2007 a nesting pole was installed to accommodate a pair of Osprey. Working with Fish & Wildlife, Hydro and Telus we successfully encouraged the birds to relocate from an energised pylon to a more rustic nest site.

·Kelowna campus western boundary is designated by Fascieux Creek. The creek feeds into an adjacent wetland area. Okanagan College recently won the Mayors Environmental Achievement Award as part of the City’s “Adopt a Stream” program. The Facilities staff also monitors this area as it provides habitat for Canada Geese, Mallards, Coot and Muskrat. A team of volunteers head out 3 times a year for our "Clean the Creek Campaign" to inspect the creek and remove any unwanted debris which may have accumulated.