Snow and Ice Removal

  • Parking lots and roads are cleared by local contractors who monitor weather patterns to aid in the pro-active application of liquid ice melting solutions.
  • Our policy is to remove as much snow and ice as possible early in the day - to allow the sun to heat up the black-top surfaces and encourage the melting of any remaining snow or ice.
  • Where additional melting is required, we use magnesium chloride for its environmental qualties when compared to other products.
  • We also make sure to stay educated as to any improvements in technology or practices.
  • Staff clear snow away from buildings, sidewalks are cleared onto roadway to assist in the removal of snow. All access, both vehicular and pedestrian is free from obstruction.
  • The college staff receive seasonal Operational Guidelines on November 1st each year. They remain in effect until April 1st of the following year (or shortly thereafter dependent on weather conditions).
  • The guideline includes a calendar unto which information is noted about daily weather conditions and appropriate actions taken.
  • As each season ends, all records are gathered and filed.