Requisitioning Goods or Services

The first step in requisitioning goods or services is to complete an on-line Web Requisition form.  Access the on-line Web Requisition through My Okanagan ...

    1. Log into My Okanagan
    2. Click on Employee tab
    3. Go to - OC Express Requests and Notices box
    4. Click on Purchase Requests
    5. Click on Request to Purchase link
    6. Click on Requisitions
    7. Click on New Requisition

    Web Requisition Wizard Notes   

Please Note

Any Web Requisition that has not been completed correctly and/or forwarded to an authorizer will not be accessible to Supply Management for processing.  This means that any goods or services that you think have been ordered have not.  Check your Web Requisition queue frequently to ensure your requisitions have been received by Supply Management ...

  • Under Requisitions click Requisition Status
  • Either enter the specific requistion # or enter your OC ID in the Created By field
  • Hit Execute Report on the bottom right hand side of the page
Is your Web Requisition ...
  • Sitting in your approver’s “Approval Queue”
  • Sitting in your own queue

There is a Problem If ...
There is No Green Check Mark in the Posted, PO, or Cancelled Column

The "Web Requisition Wizard Notes" or the on-line “Help” notes can assist you with any problem that you may encounter while completing and submitting your on-line Web Requisition.

Are you still stuck ... Supply Management is always available to assist you with any questions or problems.  Telephone : 862-5613

Last Updated :  Friday, November 28, 2008