Procurement Card

The purpose of the Okanagan College Procurement Card Program is to provide a more convenient, cost-effective method of purchasing and payment of low dollar value routine items.

The procurement card is a Visa that can be used for a variety of College transactions and is administered by Supply Management.  The program is designed to streamline the buying process from beginning to end and virtually eliminate the use of petty cash, payment vouchers and purchase order cheques.  We encourage the use of the procurement card whenever possible, especially for small purchases.

The card would NOT be used for ...

  • Capital purchases
  • Personal use
  • Cash advances
  • Travel expenses
  • Services
  • Hazardous or dangerous goods
  • Items over established limits per transaction
  • Goods already covered by a standing order (ie. Corporate Express)
  • Items currently carried in Central Stores inventory

Card Limits
The procurement card is to be used for the purchase of low value tangible goods up to $2,000 per monthly spending.  Deans/Directors/Managers can also set the monthly limit at an amount lower than $2,000.  The transaction limit will be set in consultation with Supply Management.

Application Process

1.    Deans/Directors/Managers to email Doris Janson with the following information:

    (a)        Employee name in full
    (b)        Employee number
    (c)        Card usage
    (d)        Monthly card limit
    (e)        Default account code

2.    An application form will then be prepared by Supply Management and forwarded to both parties for signature.

3.    Once the signed application form is received by Supply Managment it is forwarded to the bank for processing.

4.    Visa cards are generally received within 10 working days and then forwarded to the card user with an information package.

Cardholders keep and manage their own receipts, and reconcile their own monthly statements.  The Deans/Directors/Managers will sign off on the monthly statement and forward to Finance for payment.

Additional Information
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Last Updated : Monday, September 15, 2014