Security and Crisis Management

Security and Crisis Management is responsible for the safety and security of students, employees and property at Okanagan College.


Emergency contact for Security can be made by dialing 6699 from any local or from any Campus Phone conspicuously placed at each campus.

Security can also be contacted at the following numbers:

Salmon Arm Campus     250.317.2435 
Vernon Campus  250.307.4574 
Kelowna Campus  250.317.2435 
Penticton Campus  250.486.3879 

Security can provide general information, direction or
Safe Walk to your car or to any point on campus at any time at the Kelowna campus and during operating hours at the other campuses.

Employee Security Information

For detailed information about Security procedures please read the Okanagan College Security Manual for Employees.

Security Incident Report

We all share the responsibility of securing our immediate environment.
Report any suspicious or criminal activity immediately to Security by phone or in person. All incidents must be reported by filling out an online Security Incident Report. Fill in the fields with as much detail as you can. Provide your telephone number and your email address for response or follow-up communication, otherwise the incident report arrives anonymously.

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Last Updated : October 24, 2016