Our Team


Management Team

Deb Peterson
Director, Facilities & Business Services

Steve C. Robinson
Manager, Buildings and Projects

Peter Csandl
Manager, Plant Services & Operations

Graham Kershaw
Manager, Property & Custodial Services                      

Carolyn Hayman
Manager, Health, Safety and Emergency Management Services    

Rob St.Onge
Manager, Buildings & Sustainability Services

Drew Petrie
Manager, Ancillary Services

Douglas Watkins
Manager, Security and Crisis Management

Brad Piontek
Manager, Procurement and Business Services
Mame McCrea Silva
Manager, Health and Safety Operations and Training

Office Staff

Jennifer Klotz
Executive Assistant to the Director

Judy Zachary
Office Manager/Executive Assistant

James Dalsvaag

Linda Crosbie
Division Assistant
Reception, Work Order Dispatch,
Keys, First Aid Dispatch

Doris Janson
Procurement Officer

Kathleen Caldwell
Division Assistant
Reception, Internal & External Room/Event Bookings, Photo ID

Holly Gaboury
Division Assistant
Reception, Salto Cards, Security Issues, Keys

John Caspers
Parking Supervisor

Alex Kortzman
Health and Safety Coordinator

Stacey Broderick
Procurement Coordinator 

Nicole Roberston
Invoice Processing


Andrew Kiesewetter
Denis Redding (Vernon)
Kevin Watters (Penticton)
Dan McCormick
Chris Nyberg
Sandy Milat


Brett Wyatt
Eric McKay
Riley Loyst


Andy Revell
Tim Merluk
Luc Laperriere
Michael Potts
Jonathan Wevers
Daniel Potts
Kevin McKenzie
Peter Petkau
Lisa Geary

Facilities Workers and Assistants

Dave Sandberg
Rick Montagnon
Kevin Read

 Campus Store

Gord Stefansson - Kelowna
Carla Macfarlane - Kelowna
Shelanne Flansburg - Kelowna
Alex Geoffrey - Kelowna
Nancy Whyte - Penticton
Jodi Kokonis - Vernon 
Heather DeVries- Salmon Arm

Student Housing

Kathleen Zucchi
Jordan Schiller
Print Services

Ann Marie Ruether
Jayne Stefansson
Jilian Karprick

Central Stores

Kevin Fukushima
Mike Jervis
Paula St. Onge
Daniel Parry
Paul McManus