Roof Access

The Manager, Property & Services or Manager, Operations & Energy Systems or Director, Facilities Management must approve any access to all roofs at Okanagan College. Contact Facilities Management at 762-5445, local 4262.

Roof access doors must remain locked at all times. NOTE: Roof keys may not be loaned to another individual for any reason.

Personal fall protection may be required.

  • from which a fall of 3 m (10 ft) or more may occur, or
  • where a fall from a height of less than 3 m involves a risk of injury greater than the risk of injury from the impact on a flat surface (WCB Regulation 11.2)

In addition workers who are required to work within 2 m (6 1/2 ft) of a roof edge must be provided with and use a method of fall protection. A warning barrier (such as yellow tape, physical barrier) placed 2 m from the roof edge may be used to prevent an unprotected worker from entering the fall hazard area.

Please refer to the Fall Protection Procedures in the OC Safety Manual for details.

Lifting or lowering objects from the edge of the roof is prohibited unless:

  • The work is performed by trained personnel using the proper lifting equipment
  • Fall protection measures are in place.
  • Ground safety measures are in place.
  • WCB rules are being followed at all times.
  • Facilities Management has been notified.

Sharp or pointed objects may not be placed directly on roof membrane.

  • All equipment must be placed on pads or curbs and in such a way that damage to the roof membrane or roof components will not occur.

Penetration through a roof membrane or roof component must be approved in advance by Facilities Management

Please note the following:

  • Loose objects that can blow off the roof must not be left unattended.
  • Tampering with any existing roof equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • All equipment no longer in use must be removed from roof.
  • Unless emergency repairs are required, do not go on to roof surface when ice, snow, or frost is present. Utilise extreme care if you must access roof under other wet conditions.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any roof
  • Any departmental equipment on College roofs must be labelled with the department name and a contact number. Facilities Management may remove any equipment not labelled.
  • Throwing any object from the roof is prohibited.
  • No one less than eighteen (18) years of age is allowed on any roof.

Notify Facilities Management of any damage immediately.