Working Alone or in Isolation


The WCB regulation 4.21 addresses processes for workers who are assigned to work alone or in isolation under conditions that present a risk of disabling injury in the event the worker might not be able to secure assistance due to injury or other misfortune.



Any individual assigned to work alone or in isolation will be informed by their supervisor of the procedures established by Okanagan College for an employee working under these conditions.

The procedures and system for checking a workers’ well-being will be reviewed annually by the OH&S Committees and the Safety Coordinator in conjunction with the supervisor; or more frequently if there is a change in the work circumstances which could affect the workers’ well-being or the system is not working effectively.

Working Alone:

  1. Any individual who is assigned to work alone must have a regular "check-in" (and appropriate intervals for continuing checks), established by his/her supervisor in consultation with the worker involved.
  2. Check-ins may be visual or by phone, monitored by the Okanagan College security staff or other Okanagan College employees in the area.
  3. A written log must be kept of the check-ins by the Okanagan College security staff or the designated contact employee.
  4. If no contact is made by the worker within a reasonable interval of the designated time, the contact person should endeavor to communicate with the worker. If no contact is made, they should initiate standard Physical Plant call-out procedures to check on the worker’s well-being. All contact persons will be provided with a copy of the Physical Plant call-out procedure.
  5. Employees whose work schedule is outside of normal Okanagan College working hours (8:00 - 4:30) at outlying centres will also have procedures established by their supervisors for "end of shift" contact.

Employees who are on Okanagan College's Kelowna property outside of their working hours may check in with Security, who will make periodic checks to ensure the their well-being. In other centres, arrangements may be made by contacting the Principal.

Working in isolation:

Work is "in isolation" when the location is separated by distance or topographical features so that workers’ well-being cannot be determined at appropriate time intervals by visual observation of another worker who is not in the same location.

  1. Supervisors who are assigning workers to work in an area isolated from regular contact with other employees, must, in consultation with the worker and the Okanagan College Safety Coordinator, establish procedures for checking a worker’s well being.
  2. These procedures may be by voice contact, with specified time intervals between the checks established.


  • Any worker who, during the course of their working day, will be working alone or in isolation, as defined by WCB Reg. 4.21, shall inform their supervisor of the location and estimated time involved.


  • Identify workers that work alone or in isolation and forward this information to the Safety Office
  • Written procedures for checking on a workers well-being shall be developed in conjunction with the supervisor, the worker and the Safety Office. The procedures must include:
    • time interval between checks
    • end of work shift checks
    • procedure to follow in the event the worker cannot be contacted
    • written log of check-ins, as required
  • Check-ins will be set up through Physical Plant (Security) or department employees


  • If required by a department, keep a written log of check-ins
  • If no contact is made by the worker within a reasonable interval of the designated time, attempt to contact the worker. If no contact is made, standard Physical Plant call-out procedures will take place (Physical Plant manual)

Health & Safety Coordinator:

  • Assist in setting up procedures for checking on the well-being of individuals working alone or in isolation
  • In conjunction with the OH&S Committees at the campuses, the Safety Coordinator will annually review the established procedures for working alone or in isolation.

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