Never jeopardize your safety or the safety of others by trying to protect money or other assets. Cooperate with the robber.

If you are robbed:

  • Remain calm - You will be able to give a better description. Most robbers do not harm the victim
  • Do not resist - Cooperate with the robber to minimize possible harm
  • Do not make fast or sudden moves
  • Do not block the robber’s escape route
  • Do not attempt to contact the police or Okanagan College security until the robber has left

After the robbery:

  • Note the direction of travel when he/she leaves (without taking risks)
  • Call the police immediately and stay on the line
  • Notify Okanagan College Physical Plant and/or Principal
  • Preserve the scene for evidence
    • Lock the doors, don’t let anyone in or out
    • Do not touch anything the robber may have touched
    • Contact emergency number if anyone has been injured
    • Ask witnesses to remain at the scene
    • Ask everyone to write down what they saw, including the robbers’ descriptions. Do not compare notes, just write what you saw


  • Be alert to suspicious people observing you
  • Keep amounts of cash in registers low. Make frequent cash pulls during registration periods
  • Do not count cash in open
  • Keep back doors to premises locked if feasible
  • Contact the Safety Office to arrange a "Robbery Prevention Seminar" offered by the RCMP
  • Review robbery procedures regularly

Avoid confusion if a robbery occurs. Prepare by assigning duties now as to who will call the police, who will lock the doors, who will speak to the witnesses, etc. (Robbery Response Kit located in high risk areas)