First Aid Emergencies


All Personnel:

In the event of an injury to a student or employee the following procedure is to be followed:

  • Safeguard the scene
  • Care for the injured, as you may be trained to provide
  • Send a bystander or, if alone, go to the nearest telephone and call the EMERGENCY NUMBER for your Centre/Campus. * Note: If no answer at this number, please call 9-911 and ask for ambulance service.
  • Remain with the patient until trained help arrives
  • Provide any required assistance as may be requested by attending personnel

Occupational First Aid Attendant:

  • Secure the scene
  • Treat the patient, as required
  • Authorize bystander to call for transportation (ambulance or taxi)
  • Collect names of witnesses
  • Complete necessary reports as required by WCB and/or OC

Security/Maintenance Personnel:

  • Secure the scene
  • Provide any assistance as required by Occupational First Aid Attendant
  • Call for transportation as requested by Occupational First Aid Attendant (ambulance or taxi)