Fire Orders

See also: Fire Extinguisher Use

PROCEDURES - All Occupants

  • If you discover fire or see smoke operate the nearest fire alarm pull station and warn all persons in the area.  Upon leaving the building, inform Emergency Warden, Physical Plant/Principal or any Okanagan College employee. Be sure to give the exact location of the fire.
  • Fight the fire using extinguishers only if the fire is small and NOT between you and the exit.
  • If you hear a fire alarm, walk briskly to the outside using the nearest safe exit.  Move away from the exterior doorways and away from the building to a minimum of 300 feet, to keep the area clear for Fire Department operations.
  • When practicable, all physically handicapped persons will have monitors assigned to them by their Department Emergency Warden (see Evacuation Guidelines for Assisting Person’s with Disabilities Brochure).
  • Do not attempt to remove any vehicle from the parking area.
  • Do not re-enter building until advised by authorized personnel.


Familiarize yourself with your nearest two exits. Throughout the building there are special signs denoting exits. Watch for directional arrows.

Fire Alarm Stations:

These are colored red and located at all exits and other strategic locations. To operate, pull handle down. This will sound an alarm throughout the building and alert occupants to the hazard. Call Fire Department 9-911.


These are located at strategic locations throughout Okanagan College and are for the emergency use of all personnel. Please familiarize yourself with their proper applications and operation.

Fire Prevention:

Make a visual check of the area where you work daily and report any faulty conditions immediately to Physical Plant or the Health & Safety Coordinator who will have the problem rectified. Faulty conditions would include but are not limited to:

  • fire doors blocked open
  • defective or temporary wiring
  • fire fighting equipment not available or obstructed
  • exit lights out
  • oily rags
  • accumulation of combustibles

Maintenance Personnel:

Normal Office Hours

  • Be acquainted with all emergency procedures
  • Follow instructions of Physical Plant Administration and/or directions given by the Fire Chief
  • Fire alarm logs are to be recorded and updated as required

Security Peronnel:

After Normal Office Hours

  • Ascertain the exact location of all alarms
  • If the alarm is a real fire; call the Fire Department at 9-911
  • Meet the Fire Department and lead them to the fire
  • Follow the normal call-out procedure in accordance with Physical Plant Procedures

Fire Extinguisher Use

If the fire is small enough to put out with a portable extinguisher, use the PASS technique outlined as follows:

Pull the pin

Aim at the base of the fire

Squeeze or press the handle

Sweep the nozzle, horn or hose from side to side until the fire goes out.
(see Training Available for scheduling of this training)

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