In the event of any explosion on Okanagan College property:

All Personnel:

  • Fall to the floor and take shelter from flying glass or debris. Protect your face and head with arms
  • After the effects of the explosion subside, check exit stairways and doors as noted in the fire orders (page 16)
  • Set off the nearest manual fire alarm station and call the EMERGENCY NUMBER FOR YOUR CAMPUS
  • Evacuate the building
  • Do NOT return to the building until an all clear signal has been given by the Fire Chief, Physical Plant Personnel or your Emergency Warden

Security/Maintenance Personnel:

  • Secure the area and confirm that Physical Plant has been notified
  • Ensure all students/employees are clear of the area
  • Provide reasonable assistance to Fire, Ambulance and Police crews as requested
  • Report any information to proper authorities relating to the incident