Emergency Wardens


Emergency Wardens and Deputy Wardens are to be appointed by the administrative head of each Division/Department/Faculty which will be coordinated through the Safety Office.


  • Assist in the safe evacuation of his/her department or designated area in the event of a fire or other emergency during normal working hours,
  • Appoint assistant wardens as may be required, depending on department area size,
  • Appoint area monitors who could assist handicapped occupants in the event of an evacuation.


  • To conduct a visual check of their area biweekly and report any faulty conditions immediately to the appropriate Supervisor.  Faulty conditions include:
      • Fire doors wedged or blocked open
      • Exit lights out
      • First aid, fire fighting equipment not available or obstructed
      • Obvious fire hazards, accumulation of combustibles (oily rags and chemicals)
      • Overloaded electrical circuits
  • Appoint at least two monitors to assist physically handicapped persons.
  • Ensure Deputy Warden is in place in the event of the Warden's absence.
  • Be familiar with, and act in accordance with, all provisions of the fire emergency and evacuation procedures. Training will be offered by the Safety Office as required.
  • In conjunction with RCMP, assist in establishing search teams on his/her floor and provide supervision of search procedures in the event of a bomb threat. While the RCMP have advised it is preferable for employees to assist in any search, no employee will be required to participate.