Chemical Spills

All chemical spills, large or small, must be considered serious as Provincial and Federal laws are very stringent in this regard and the possibility of exposure and or injury, as well as the possibility of violations with fines and lawsuits, has become a major concern.


All Personnel:

  • Take immediate corrective action regarding the safety of people involved i.e., flushing eyes for 30 minutes, flushing skin, etc.
  • Immediately seal off area to employees and students
  • CALL THE EMERGENCY NUMBER FOR YOUR CENTRE/CAMPUS with the following information:
    • type of chemical
    • quantity involved
    • action taken
    • location of incident


Physical Plant:

Will provide the following:

  • immediate action required to safeguard employees, students and facilities
  • type of cleanup required
  • amount and method of ventilation
  • protective equipment required to clean chemical up
  • the method of disposal of chemical and cleanup materials
  • decision of appropriate government agencies to be notified
  • Inform the Safety Office

Security/Maintenance Personnel:

  • follow procedures listed for All Personnel above
  • assist response teams as requested or directed
  • assist Health & Safety Coordinator as requested or directed