Supplementary Instructions

Safe work procedures are to be included as part of these written rules. These include:

  • emergency evacuation
  • emergency wardens
  • first aid emergencies
  • major accidents
  • fire orders
  • violence in the workplace
  • prowlers
  • chemical spills
  • explosion/fire causing smoke and fumes
  • bomb threat
  • deminstration
  • elevator failure
  • earthquake
  • laboratory health & safety
  • transportaion of dangerous goods regulations
  • WHMIS regulations
  • safety inspection procedures
  • asbestos
  • working alone or in isolation

    These OC procedures are included in Appendix A.
    Written safe work procedures for specific areas must be established by the Manager/Supervisor of that area. Assistance in developing these procedures can be obtained from the OH&S Coordinator.

    Supplementary instructions are written rules which supplement the Board's OH&S Regulations and which are necessary in the OH&S program to control hazardous exposures to employees. These include:

    • lockout procedures
    • confined space entry
    • fall protection procedures
    • radiation procedures
    • personal protective equipment requirements

    These supplementary instructions are included in Appendix B, and can be obtained from the Faculty/Divisional office or the Health & Safety Coordinator.