Records and Statistics

Records and statistics concerning health & safety for Okanagan College will be maintained by the Health & Safety Coordinator.

The major reason for maintaining records and statistics is to collect data for detailed analysis of accidents and illnesses in order to eliminate causes by pinpointing specific problem areas and taking appropriate follow-up action.

Records and statistics will also be used as a means to measure the success of the OH&S program, as well as to provide feedback to all divisions and faculties.

Where records indicate that a problem exists, management is expected to consult with the relevant supervisor to ensure that timely corrective action is planned.

Records and statistics should include but not be limited to:

  • reports of all regular inspections and special inspections
  • accident/incident reports
  • violent incident reports
  • copies of Forms 7 & 7A
  • accident investigation reports
  • records of accident trends
  • records of monitoring of exposure to hazards (e.g. excessive noise)
  • records of worker exposure to hazardous substances
  • records of hazards that have been identified but not yet controlled
  • log of emergency fire drills (maintained by Physical Plant Division office)