Okanagan College Health & Safety Policy

Okanagan College is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace and learning environment for its employees and students. OC believes that no task or activity is so important that it can’t be done in a safe manner and in compliance with all applicable safety codes and standards.

Okanagan College, therefore, resolves to pursue any reasonable course of action to ensure achievement of these standards, including the enforcement of all applicable health, safety and environmental protection regulations, prompt actions to correct unsafe conditions, and continued safety education for all concerned.

It is therefore the policy of Okanagan College to:

  • Protect the safety of employees, students and visitors against accidents and occupational hazards

  • Comply with all relevant regulations and standards relating to occupational health and safety

  • Give priority to safe working conditions and job safety practices in the planning, budgeting, direction and implementation of OC activities

Every Okanagan College Dean, Director, Principal or Manager is accountable to maintain the standards that are required to meet this policy. Standards will apply to establishing annual accident prevention objectives and related action plans, maintaining facilities and equipment, ensuring that employees understand what is expected of them in accident prevention performance, and endorsing and supporting the OH&S Program.

Each instructional employee or supervisor within the Faculty/Division will ensure that the pertinent regulations and safe work procedures are followed by all employees or students, that adequate training is provided to the employee or student and that safe work procedures are implemented on the worksite.

All employees and students are responsible for knowing and observing pertinent regulations in the work area and for following safe work procedures. Each employee and student is expected to report unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviour to his/her Instructor or Supervisor.

Your cooperation in observing the proper health, safety and environmental protection regulations is vital to the success of this objective. It is the responsibility of all employees or students to follow safe work procedures, to observe health and safety regulations and to constantly work towards improving health and safety standards at Okanagan College.

Jim Hamilton, President