Occupational Health & Safety Committees

The fundamental responsibilities of the OH&S committees are to ensure that:

  • accident investigations are conducted
  • health and safety inspections are conducted as outlined
  • health & safety is promoted
  • conditions and activities in the workplace are in accordance with WCB and WHMIS Standards
  • recommendations from employees regarding OH&S are considered and implemented where warranted
  • regular monthly meetings are held
  • the proceedings of the meetings are recorded and distributed to:
    • Health & Safety Coordinator, KelownaWorkers' Compensation Board
    • Ministry of Advanced Education

In addition to, and complementary to the above, the Committee will:

  • Provide advice and insight from an OH&S perspective with respect to:
    • the adequacy of work rules and practices
    • the planning of new or altered facilities and work methods
    • the purchase of equipment
  • Provide guidance with respect to the setting of safety goals and objectives for the specific OC Centre/Campus
  • Assess the effectiveness of the safety content of employees' training and make appropriate recommendations
  • Analyze all injury and accident statistics as they pertain to the specific Centre/Campus, identify trends and make appropriate recommendations
  • Monitor the response of supervisors to workplace abnormalities and make appropriate recommendations
  • Know the OC Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Assist in training workers when requested
  • Solicit suggestions for a safer workplaceRecommend improvements for a safer workplace
  • Attend Occupational Health and Safety meetings
  • Set a good example

The Health & Safety Coordinator will provide instruction for specific duties.