Investigation of Accidents

Accidents shall be investigated which:

  • are required to be reported by section 3.7 of the WCB Regulations,resulted in injury requiring medical treatment which includes referral to doctor, chiropractor, dentist, hospital, etc.,
  • did not involve injury but had a potential for causing serious injury.

Incidents of a relatively minor nature in the above category where there was no time loss involved may be investigated by the instructor or immediate supervisor by completing the Accident/Incident Report - page 40. The injured employee or student must complete a portion of this report.

Accident investigations must be carried out by persons knowledgeable of the type of work involved and , if feasible, include the participation of one worker representative and one employer representative (WCB Reg. 3.9).

The completed form must be forwarded immediately to the Safety Office, Kelowna, for completion of Workers' Compensation Board reports. All injury files and correspondence with the Workers' Compensation Board for the entire OUC Region are maintained in this Office for uniformity. It is essential that all questions are answered fully.

The Safety Office will complete and transmit the necessary Workers' Compensation Board reports.