Health, Safety & Emergency Management Services

Health & Safety

Okanagan College recognizes that people are our primary assets.  We are committed to protecting everyone at OC from injury and we rely on all employees to ensure that health and safety is at the forefront of all OC activity.

Okanagan College utilizes an Internal Responsibility System (IRS), which defines the responsibilities of all health and safety stakeholders.  The shared goal of injury prevention is reflected in all activities outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) manual. Integration of health and safety in all college activities and by all parties, determines the degree of success of the Internal Responsibility System.

We foster a safe work experience through the collaboration of all departments, campuses and centres.  We have the right and responsibility to know the hazards of our workplace, to participate in health and safety-related activities and to refuse unsafe work. All of us have a part to play in being safe.

The Manager of Health, Safety and Emergency Management Services is responsible for:

  • providing employees with health and safety advice and guidance
  • development of Okanagan College's health and safety manual
  • administration of the WCB return to work program
  • development of the emergency preparedness and response manual
  • advising departments in the development and implementation of safe work procedures
  • maintenance of Okanagan College’s health and safety incident records system
  • guiding Okanagan College's emergency wardens and first aid attendants
  • advising Okanagan College’s health and safety committees
  • consulting with external agencies and Work Safe BC

For information on these matters, contact Mame McCrea Silva, Manager of Occupational Health and Safety Operations and Training at local 5648 (or 250.317.9562).

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Updated - June 30, 2015