Guidelines for Setting Up Vendor Direct Deposit Information


The purpose of this guideline is to provide a consistent and reliable process for setting up direct deposit information for Okanagan College vendors.


Vendors with whom we do business on a regular basis will be given the option to provide Okanagan College (OC) with their bank account information to enable OC to deposit vendor payments directly into their account of choice. They would also receive an email notification of their deposit.


To setup vendor direct deposit information:

  1. Speak to the Manager, Payroll & Accounts to ensure appropriateness
  2. Review the Vendor Bank Form provided to Accounts payable for accuracy and completion
  3. In Banner go to GXADIRD
    1. Bring up vendor either by entering ID or searching by name. Ensure you have the correct vendor account as many vendors have multiple accounts
    2. Using the form provided, select the correct Bank Routing from the list provided
    3. Check “Accounts Payable”
    4. Enter Bank Account information provided
    5. Select “checking” or “savings”
    6. Change “Direct Deposit Status” to Active
    7. Enter “Priority” 0 (zero) and “Percent” 100
    8. SAVE
  4. In Banner go to GOAEMAL
    1. Bring up vendor either by entering ID or searching by name.
    2. Enter “Email Type” “PAY”
    3. Enter email address
    4. Uncheck “Display on Web”
    5. SAVE
  5. Return Vendor Bank Form to Accounts Payable for scanning


  • The Vendor Bank Form is available on myOkanagan > Employee tab > OC Express – Forms > Finance.
  • The related guidelines will be posted on the Finance webpage for reference.

Updated April 1, 2015