Guidelines for Benefactor Payment and Refund of International Tuition


The student applying or enrolled at Okanagan College is the primary contact for all account-related transactions and information.

In the case where an international student has had their tuition or tuition deposit paid by a benefactor (original payee) and the student's Study Visa is rejected, or the student ceases attending classes, the student may request a full or partial refund of those tuition payments be paid back directly to his/her benefactor.


The process requires that the following forms be completed:

  1. Student Waiver and Indemnity of an International Tuition Refund
  2. Benefactor Refund of Tuition Request and Proof of Payment

The International Department will be responsible for having the appropriate people complete the documents and forwarding them to Accounts Receivable.

These forms are available on myOkanagan > Employee tab > OC Express - Forms > Finance.

Updated March 24, 2015