After Your First Three Months

After your first three months, you should be comfortable with the following information:

About Your Job

About Your Work Environment

how the department is organized

your department’s goals and mission

the specific functions of your section/unit

your duties and responsibilities

your scheduled work week and hours of work

performance standards for your position

length of your probation period

how performance planning and evaluation is managed, by whom, and how often

your supervisor’s expectations regarding attendance and tardiness

procedure for requesting time off

procedure for reporting absences

when departmental meetings are held

how OC is organized

history and governance of OC

your colleagues and their job functions

your assigned work area and the office

who to call for service or assistance

norms of dress or uniforms for your area or unit

rules regarding food in your area

proper operation and care of computers and office equipment

the polices for making personal and long distance phone calls

how to obtain/order office supplies, tools or resources

rules for after hour access to your work area

About Your Pay and Leave Entitlements

About Your Rights and Responsibilities

your rate of pay

if overtime is ever required and how it is managed

time recording procedure for your area

OC paydays and how pay cheques are distributed in your department

travel and reimbursement procedures

when your lunch period is and if it is flexible

if break periods are permitted, and if so, how many

your accrual rate for sick days

your accrual rate for vacation days

when you are eligible to use sick or vacation days

OC’s holiday schedule including the closure in December

OC’s paid and unpaid leave policies

how jury duty, voting, bereavement, and other paid leaves are administered

safety requirements of the job

what formal training courses are required

how to access information on OC policies and procedures that govern your employment

benefits, services and resources available to you and your family

rules for use of OC resources

appropriate use of confidential information

OC’s policies on sexual harassment, health and safety and e-mail use

what to do if you are injured on the job or suffer a work-related illness

campus resources available to you if you are experiencing problems at work

OC’s progressive discipline processes