The information contained within this section is provided as an overview of benefits available to you as an employee based on eligibility consistent with the relevant collective agreement or employment policy.  Any questions you may have with regards to your benefit coverage can be directed to your Human Resources Advisor.

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Enrolment with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is mandatory for all eligible BC residents and their dependents. More information about MSP and the province's Fair Pharmacare program can be obtained from the Health Insurance BC website, the administrative home of these programs.

Please note: The Medical Services Plan is separate and distinct from the Okanagan College Group Health Benefits Plan (often referred to as the "Health Supplement" or "Extended Health").

Dental, Extended Health, Life Insurance, AD&D

Your group benefits plan supplements the coverage provided by your provincial plan (Medical Services Plan). To help prevent delays in processing future extended health claims, you will need to provide Manulife with your Pharmacare registration number.

Manulife Financial underwrites most benefit programs at Okanagan College and has prepared benefit booklets to provide group-specific information to you which can be found on Manulife’s Plan Member Site.

To register on Manulife’s Plan Member Site, please go here and fill in your information. If you have already registered, you can login in now here .  Should you require further assistance, please contact Manulife at their toll-free number 1-800-575-2200.

Manulife’s Plan Member Secure Site gives you easy access to all your Group Benefits information. Click here to check out the services and features!!

How-to videos have been added throughout the site. Even though the site is easy to use, these quick video tutorials can be used to explore virtually everything the site has to offer!

Note: Okanagan College’s plan contract number is 83713 and your member certificate number is your 9-digit Okanagan College ID number.

Employee Family Assistance Program

As part of your benefits package, eligible employees of Okanagan College along with their dependents, can access employee assistance services through LifeWorks.  A professional consultant can provide advice and resources to assist you with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Life: Stress/Overload, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Community
  • Family: Parenting, Separation/Divorce, Blended Families, Caring for Older Adults, Education
  • Money: Saving/Investing, Debt Management, Estate Planning/Wills, Home Buying/Renting
  • Work: Work Relationships, Job Stress/Burnout, Managing People
  • Health: Fitness/Nutrition, Sleep, Addiction/Recovery, Smoking Cessation

In addition, employees can access hundreds of articles, eBooks, infographics, audio recordings, toolkits and more through the online resource.  You can also chat with a live consultant.  To access the resources, a username and password are required for the LifeWorks website.  Employees are directed to access the LifeWorks website through MyOkanagan - Employee Tab - OC Express Forms - Payroll Forms (Benefit Form Resource Centre).  

LifeWorks also has a mobile app available at the App Store and at Google Play.  Once you have downloaded the app, follow the instructions to log in with OC's shared/group username and password.  After the initial log in, just tap the icon on your phone's screen to launch the LifeWorks app.​


Eligible employees are enrolled in either the College Pension Plan (for administrators, faculty, and vocational instructors) or the Municipal Pension Plan (for excluded staff and support staff) which are both administered by the BC Pension Corporation. The Pension Matrix will assist you with determining pension eligibility and enrolment.

Once you are enrolled in a pension plan, the Pension Corporation website provides online resources and comprehensive pension plan information such as:

  • On-line access to your personal information, pensionable service and your annual Member's Benefit Statement
  • Information, publications, forms, resources and FAQ’s
  • Updates on changes affecting pension plans
  • Personalized pension estimator to explore your various pension options
  • On-line purchase of service estimator
  • Information about retiring and medical / dental benefits upon retirement

Human Resources provides individual guidance to employees when planning for retirement. If you have questions about your pension or your retirement, please contact  your Human Resources Advisor.