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All members of the Okanagan College community have the right to study, learn, and work in an environment free of sexual violence. Any and all reported acts of sexual violence will be addressed. Simply put, sexual violence is not tolerated at Okanagan College.


B - Believe them
Remind them it’s not their fault.

R - Respect confidentiality
Ensure they understand how and when you will share information they 
have provided to you.

A - Ask them what support looks like for them
Let go of assumptions. Reporting to police is not every survivor’s vision of justice.

V - Value their boundaries
Don’t pry or press for additional details.

E - Empathize
Understand everyone deals with trauma differently and that everyone’s healing path is different.  

What To Do If Someone Discloses?

If you are interested in learning more about how to responded to individuals who disclose sexual violence, consider participating in the following online learning

We Believe You