Bystander Intervention



There may have been a point in your life where you watched someone behave in an abusive or derogatory way towards another person, either through a joke or comment, or physical or sexual assault.

During those times, there are options on how we can intervene!

Ways you can be more than a Bystander

  • Refuse to join in on derogatory name calling.
  • Don’t stay silent. Even leaving the situation demonstrates that you are not in agreement with the behavior which is taking place.
  • Be present. Stand near the victim and offer your presence so the harasser or abuser knows that the victim, or potential victim, is not alone.
  • Ask directly if the individual is okay and if he or she is being bothered. Ask if there is any way you can help.
  • Take action if it is safe to do so and if there is a threat of immediate danger. Call for the police or security. 
    (Bystander related material adapted with permission from the Ending Violence Association of BC and the BC Lions.)




What Bystanders Can Do