Kelowna Trades Complex - Make it Sustainable

Make it Sustainable Okanagan College has an earned reputation for
providing leading-edge buildings with a focus on
minimizing carbon footprint and maximizing the
"livability" of its facilities. Creating and recreating
the trades complex provides an opportunity to
showcase best practices and materials in a space
intended to educate the builders of our future. . . .

Construction and design will include state-of-the-art green technology, follow lean principles in design and construction to eliminate as much waste as possible, and meet the targets of both LEED Platinum and the Living Building Challenge

The project will incorporate
• Wood first
• Recycled materials
• Environmental control systems
• Low-flow toilets, motion-detecting faucets
• Greenhouse gas reduction
• Geothermal ground source for heating and cooling
• Reduction in energy costs through use of City of Kelowna
  effluent water treatment process
• Advanced and efficient heating, ventilation, and A/C
• Use of solar photovoltaic arrays to generate electricity
• Metal mesh solar shades to reduce solar heat gain
• Double bands of windows on each floor balance solar
  heat & light impact
• Automatic windows provide natural ventilation &
  cooling assistance



See what Okanagan College and our partners have accomplished with The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Technology and Renewable Energy Conservation The Jim Pattison Centre of Learning