Student Awards

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Learn how your support will make an impact in a student's life. 
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Reward your way

People give to post-secondary institutions for all kinds of reasons. Your donation can establish:

  • Merit-based scholarships 
  • Financial-need bursaries 
  • Prizes for academic accomplishment 
  • Emergency funds 
  • Program-based awards, such as trades, health technologies 
  • Grants for major areas of study or research 
  • Program support for equipment

Ways to support Okanagan College students

Details on each of these categories are available below under Giving Opportunities.

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We're here to help

More information on the types of awards, sample terms, and reports to donors is available by speaking to a member of the Advancement Office at 250-862-5630 in Kelowna or Toll-Free at 1-888-650-6968. 

More details can also be found on our FAQ page and our Ways to Give page.

Giving Opportunities

Annual Awards

A named annual award can be established and renewed one year at a time. The Advancement Office contacts annual award donors by mail each August for confirmation of support for their awards for the school year. The minimum donation to establish an annually funded award is $750 per year for a scholarship or bursary. An Annual Award Agreement signed by the donor when the award is being established identifies the terms and conditions of the award. 100% of the donation received is given in the award to the student.

Commemorative Giving (In Honour and In Memoriam)

Okanagan College has a long tradition of helping its donors create a legacy in honour of a loved one. Named scholarships and bursaries and other commemorative possibilities are available. Donations in memory or honour of an individual will also be acknowledged to family members as requested.


A donor or group of donors can donate capital to a fund to be invested as a perpetual (permanently held) endowment, with the income used to provide the award over a period of time. Endowments established in the name of an individual, group, or business start with a minimum capital contribution of $20,000. Donors often choose to endow new awards at levels that substantially exceed the minimum, recognizing the significant costs students must face annually for tuition fees, textbooks, and living expenses. You may initially establish an endowment at the minimum level and then add to it over time until it increases to provide an ever-higher level of award support.

Annual/Endowed Combination

It is also possible to "top up" the funds generated by an endowment fund with an additional annual gift to make a larger award available to a student. For example, if the endowment fund generates income to make available $500, a donor can add $250 to create a $750 award. Endowments can also be added to annually.


Prizes are usually given in recognition of academic excellence or service in a particular program or service, and are not based on financial need. The prize may be given in the form of books, special equipment, such as tools, or money. The value typically ranges from $100 to $500 and may be given out at graduation or some other department-based event. Like other donations, they are eligible for charitable receipts.