Claudia Cable Donor Profile

Student’s story inspires ongoing donations to Okanagan Foundation
Library assistant one of many Okanagan College employees contributing to scholarship fund

Claudia Cable Donor resizedClaudia Cable didn’t give much thought to how donations to the Okanagan College Foundation are used until the day she heard a trades student talk about the way a bursary changed his life.

“I was at a donor recognition event and this young man in the trades program spoke about how receiving a bursary made it possible for him to stay in school,” recalls Cable, a Library Assistant at the Kelowna campus. “He spoke very simply, but what he said was genuine and heartfelt and it reinforced why I give.”

Cable is one of many Okanagan College employees who donate regularly through the payroll deduction program. Donors can direct their donations to specific funds. In Cable’s case she has elected to split her donations between several funds including the Gwen Chesher Memorial Library Fund, used to make library purchases including books that would not otherwise line the college shelves. Giving to this particular fund also allows Cable to honour a colleague.

“I worked with Gwen and think this is something she would have wanted,” she said. “My donations are modest but every little bit counts."

Cable has worked as a library assistant at Okanagan College for the past 25 years and sees firsthand how integral financial support is to student success. She is planning to retire in five years, but says donations will not stop when her pay cheques do.

“I’m considering planned giving and I encourage others to show their support for the College because even small donations have the power to transform lives and communities.”