Okanagan College Family Award Details



The number and amount of awards will vary, depending on the available funds each year, the number of eligible applicants, and their program of study. The award amount may be up to 25% of the recipient's tuition, to a maximum of $1,000 in any 12-month period.


1. Recipients will be in any year of any eligible program at Okanagan College: university transfer programs; degree programs; diploma programs; vocational, trades and health certificate programs; full or part-time Continuing Studies certificate programs (approved by Education Council); and apprenticeship programs. Recipients must be enrolled in a minimum 60% course load.

2. Recipients will be immediate family members of continuing (regular) Okanagan College employees. For this award, immediate family members are defined as child, stepchild, grandchild, or spouse. Applicants must include a letter from Human Resources confirming they are the child, stepchild, or spouse of a continuing (regular) Okanagan College employee. If an applicant is the grandchild of a continuing (regular) Okanagan College employee, the applicant and employee must sign a declaration confirming the relationship.

3. Any funds remaining after March 31st will be distributed as emergency bursaries to students of Okanagan College.

4. Family members of employees of the Okanagan College Foundation are ineligible for this award.

5. Recipients will be in good academic standing.


The awards will be administered throughout the year, with the following three deadlines:

- for programs starting between January 1 and April 30: Third Friday in January

- for programs starting between May 1 and August 31: Third Friday in May

- for programs starting between September 1 and December 31: Third Friday in September

The award will be advertised by way of an e-mail to members of OCAD (Okanagan College Administrative Assistants Development Group) for distribution to all employees in their areas with a copy of the application form attached, and will be promoted in “Inside Okanagan”. The application form will also be available in "My Okanagan" under "OC Express - Forms". The number of awards and amounts (up to the maximum) will be determined at each deadline and will be based on the number of eligible applicants.

The awards will be administered by the Financial Aid & Awards Office and governed by the policies and procedures of the Okanagan College Foundation.

Current as of October 2, 2013