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Giving Tuesday Devin RubadeauDevin Rubadeau
Professor; Okanagan School of Business 

Why do you give?
“I’ve seen the success students have when barriers are lowered. If students can work less hours at a job, or stress less about making ends meet, then they will be more successful in school.
When students do well in school, they’re able to serve the community in a much more significant way because they’ve had the time to really focus on and benefit from their education.”

In short:
“I give so others can succeed!”

Giving Tuesday Amanda WrightAmanda Wright
Alumna, Professor; Okanagan School of Business

Why do you give? 

I have been able to overcome adversity throughout my life and there are many individuals that have helped me along in my journey, including those who donate to the Okanagan College Foundation.

When I was at Okanagan College I received a number of bursaries and awards, which made it much easier to focus on my studies and worry less about the financial challenges.

In short:
“I give because people gave to me.”

Giving Tuesday Phil AshmanPhil Ashman
Regional Dean, Central Okanagan

Why do you give:
“I want to be part of a caring and connected community. 

When there is a focus on supporting and empowering others our entire community benefits, becoming more inclusive and sustainable. We all need support and we can all give support in some way.”

In short: 
“Everyone deserves a chance.”



Giving Tuesday SamanthaSamantha Blandon
Alumna, Campaign Assistant; Advancement & Alumni

Why do you give?

I received my first scholarship and bursary when I was graduating from high school. I received a number of other awards during my degree, and it made a big difference. It was a huge boost of confidence to receive an award and it allowed me to focus on my studies.

Having been a student, and understanding that every bit helps, makes me want to help other students so they can achieve their personal goals.

In short:
“I give because it’s my turn to pay it forward.”

Giving Tuesday Bill Gillett
Bill Gillett
Dean, Okanagan School of Business

Why do you give?

“I wanted to give back to the institution, and I wanted to give students, particularly those who haven’t had a chance to travel, the opportunity to see a different part of the world.

There is no substitute for travelling, meeting people and seeing them in their own environment.”

In short:
“I give to introduce more students to international business.”

Giving Tuesday Francis Greenslade
Francis Greenslade
Professor, Department of English

Why do you give?

“I recognize that students are struggling with the expenses of their education. Many of my students work, sometimes at more than one job. 
My son is a student, so I know how expensive a university education is.

Several years ago I created the Penticton First Year Essay Prize, which I and other faculty members support. It’s a great way to motivate and reward students for their academic efforts.”

In short: 
“I remember what it was like to be rewarded for hard work.”

Giving Tuesday Gordon

Gordon Shuster 
Marketing Recruitment Specialist; International

Why do you give?

“I donate $10 off every pay cheque. I’ve been donating since the 90s, so I’m proof that small amounts can add up. 

I’m happy to give knowing my support helps create student scholarships and bursaries.

In short:
“A little goes a long way.”

Brenda Ridgeley-Ketchell
Department Chair; Office Administration

Eric Corneau
Regional Dean for the South Okanagan-Similkameen



Alison Beaumont
Coordinator, Student, Graduate & Co-op Employment

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