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Telus Awards Help Students Reach for High Tech Careers
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Telus Awards Help Students Reach for High Tech Careers

Three students in the NTEN program at the Kelowna campus received the annual Jordy Koenig Telus Awards this fall to help them launch their networking engineering/telecommunications careers. In the process they had a chance to meet the namesake of the award they received and benefit from the wisdom of his decades of experience in the Telecommunications industry.Koenig

Kendrick Arason, Dalton Sears, and Brendan Battersby took home Bronze ($1,000), Silver ($1,500), and Gold ($2,500) scholarships, respectively.

“The Scholarship presentation is an opportunity for me to see the enthusiastic and high energy realm that is the NTEN classroom,” said Koenig, who visited the Kelowna campus recently to present the awards and speak to the current class of NTEN students.

“Our community has benefited greatly from the skills that these students master during their time at the Okanagan College and TELUS’ support of the scholarship is recognition of the potential to our business community.”

“This award will be a huge help with my tuition and books,” said Bronze award recipient Kendrick Arason. “I’m so grateful to Telus and to Jordy for making these scholarships available to us.” 

Jordy Koenig began in the Telecommunications industry in 1977 as a temporary summer employee, while attending SAIT. After graduating teh Electronic Engineering program in June of 1979, Koenig continued his career in the industry and never looked back. He enjoyed a long and successful career with TELUS, having mastered the maintenance and repair of network switching, radio microwave and modern transport/special services and "next generation" network applications. Throughout his career, he knew that supporting the next generation was crucial to keeping the ever-changing industry strong.

"Okanagan College's NTEN graduates have been top performers when hired by TELUS and are sought after by many companies," explained Koenig. "It always reminds me of my own career beginnings which is why I mentioned that I do envy them at the start of their careers, so much potential, so many changes in store for them, it is indeed very exciting to see."

Jordy Koenig, students Kendrick Arason and Brendan Battersby, and Phil Ashman, Associate Dean, Science Technologies and Health, Okanagan College.