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Recognizing Penticton Donor's generous support
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Recognizing Penticton Donor's generous support

On behalf of Okanagan College and the Okanagan College Foundation we want to send out a big thank you to everyone who attended our donor celebration event in Penticton this week.

And to all of our donors and friends in the community who were unable to attend, we are so grateful for your support and hope to see you soon at one of our next events.
penticton donor 2015

Guests were treated to an enjoyable evening of food, wine, and heartfelt speeches from Jim Hamilton, President of Okanagan College, Dona Lomas, Regional Dean for the Penticton Campus, Rick and Yasmin Thorpe, Okanagan College donors, and Ret Tinning, donor and board member for the Okanagan College Foundation.

As Rick and Yasmin Thorpe pointed out in their speech, the support of donors in the community can help students achieve dreams they may never have even thought possible when they first step foot onto our campus for the first time. Your support and involvement makes you an integral part of the Okanagan College community, and the role you play in bettering students’ lives cannot be overstated.

There were also amazing displays presented by students from Business, Electrical Trades, Sustainable Construction Management Technology, and Viticulture and Wine Studies programs at the Penticton Campus. (The wine sensory test had our noses tingling!)

We invite you to visit our Facebook page where you can see a gallery of photos taken at the event. Feel free to tag yourselves, tell us about your memories of the evening.

This year’s ceremony was yet another great occasion to celebrate the incredible donors who are such an integral part of the Okanagan College community. Again, thank you to every one of our donors from the Penticton area for everything you do for Okanagan College and its students, throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you again soon!