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Ron Light and Nolan Fretz talk Family Campaign and how they are supporting students
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Ron Light and Nolan Fretz talk Family Campaign and how they are supporting students

Family Campaign Banner

When it comes to the technology that drives our fiber optic routed, Bluetooth enabled, Wi-Fi connected world, Ronald Light and Nolan Fretz can tell you the importance of building a strong network. And when it comes to supporting the vast network of students at Okanagan College, they’re pretty dialed in too.

They also look good in shades!

.Ron Light and Nolan Fretz
As bi-weekly payroll deduction donors, Nolan and Ron are proud supporters of the Bright Horizons – Bright Futures Family Campaign. Ron and Nolan’s roots at the College go way back.

Ron’s been working in Network Engineering Technology here for 15 years. Nolan’s been here for 12. They are among a growing number of Okanagan College staff who have chosen to give back, and to give back in a way that works for them. “We like the aspect of being able to give back monthly through the payroll deduction option,” says Nolan. “It’s a very easy way to contribute.

“When you love what you do and where you work, giving back just makes sense,” he is quick to add.

Both Nolan and Ron have elected to have their donations support a specific scholarship, the Okanagan College NTEN Department Award. As Ron explains, it feels good knowing that each month, they can give towards students’ futures.

“We’re incredibly proud of our students, so it’s a great feeling to be able to support them,” says Ron.

Ron and Nolan are hoping that alumni of the NTEN program will join them in supporting the scholarship, to help grow this important opportunity for students. To find out how you can support email