What our donors are saying

Why our donors have chosen to support
the Bright Horizons, Building for Skills Campaign


“I believe that people who have done well in this region should give back,” says Lapointe. “And we feel strongly about supporting post-secondary education.”

- Barry Lapointe, CEO and Chairman, Kelowna Flightcraft

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wilson, gord
“The construction of this new facility is very timely. When you look at the growth of the Okanagan, a region our size needs a hub for trades training. It provides opportunity for students and it benefits the economy of the region. I hope others will choose to support it.” 

- Gord Wilson, Founder and President, TEAM Construction Management Ltd.

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“When the opportunity arose for us to play a part in supporting the rejuvenation of the trades training complex in Kelowna, we wanted to show in a bold way just how important we feel it is for students to have a learning environment that is ahead of the curve, vibrant, and that reflects Okanagan College’s commitment to sustainability...We hope it will inspire others in the community to give to the campaign and support students."

- Chelsea Grisch, Executive Chairperson, Okanagan College Students' Union
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Adam Rich

“Our company recognizes the impact that new trades students and apprentices have, not only on our business, but on the industry as a whole throughout the Okanagan. We see the skills and the energy these young people bring to the table, and we’re proud to support their training...We feel it’s very important to give back in a way that can help transform people’s lives."

- Adam Rich, General Manager, Sentes Automotive; and Automotive Sector Chair, Bright Horizons Building for Skills Campaign
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“Our family has always been a strong supporter of apprenticeship. We’ve had many Okanagan College alumni working in our auto repair shops over the years. We think the apprenticeship process is a wonderful thing and we’re proud to support trades training at the College.”

- Al Carter
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christian family

"Having owned car and RV dealerships, obviously the automotive trade has played a big role in our family’s businesses,” says Christian. “So when we learned about the new trades complex and the opportunities it will provide for students, the focus aligned with our family’s history and our desire to give something back to the next generation...

This building will bring people here. It will energize students and provide them with a fantastic facility." - Randy Christian
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Pushor Mitchell

“Our gift is based on community mindedness. We know that many of our commercial clients are either tradespeople or employ tradespeople, and we believe that all Kelowna businesses, even if they don’t employ trades, should recognize the importance of trades education.”  

- Alf Kempf, Partner, Pushor Mitchell LLP and President, Okanagan College Foundation
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rotary kelowna
“We had a chance to speak with students and instructors at the College and learn about the plan for the building. When we saw how the expansion will enhance space and equipment for students, we knew it was a worthy project. The College’s efforts will really elevate the profile of trades as a career path in the Okanagan, and we’re proud to support that.”

- Ross Gilley, Past-President, Rotary Club of Kelowna (Downtown) 
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“If you’re learning a trade you need more than books, you need the right tools in your hand as well. The College already has great equipment, of course, but I know that good tools are always in demand, always appreciated. I was glad to hear that they would benefit students and I’m happy to see them put to good use.”

- Bill Schoof, retired Journeyperson Tool and Die Maker
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