Prior Learning Assessments

Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) are available to students that apply to a program and that have some training or other non-formal experience in the area of the chosen program. For instance, if you have been a chef running a kitchen for a few years and decide to come to Okanagan College for some formal culinary training, you may apply for a PLA on the basis of your years of experience. You may be granted credit for some of the courses in the program based on your experience.

PLA is available for some of courses in the following programs: Administrative Assistant Certificate, Health Care Assistant, Culinary Arts, Business Administration, Continuing Studies, Computer Science and Early Childhood Education.

Please contact the chair of the department that administers your program to determine which courses are available for PLA.

Note that students currently in high school very rarely have the experience necessary to be successful in a PLA.

For further information, please see the College Calendar.