Camp OC

Music Jam with RoxyFx                                  

Ages 6 to 12 years

Come explore rhythm and improvisation in this informal gathering of both musicians and non-musicians - an unplugged Music Jam.   To jam is to play improvised or unrehearsed music   Roxy will guide you through trying out new sound experiences by layering percussion, voice, guitar, and piano in fun and groovy ways. Experiment to find a piano/guitar riff that you love, play with vocal hooks, beat boxing and harmony, and dare to try new rhythms as you collectively CREATE the groove.  Instruments provided are: percussion, guitar, and piano.  Musicians are welcome to bring any instruments they play. No music experience required.

1. Saturday April 26, 9:00 - 4:00
2. Saturday May 31, 9:00 - 4:00
$60 (+GST)

Carpentry Camp       
Ages 9 to 12 years

Come and check out our Trades Centre and find out what it’s like to really build something with your own two hands. Pound nails, saw and drill and take home an exciting project that you made yourself!

Saturday April 12, 9:00 - 3:30

Camp OC Summer Programs
Music Jam Camp
Ages 6 to 12 years 

Come experience, explore and celebrate music through rhythm, songs, games, percussion instruments, improvisation, movement, arts + crafts and more!  Campers will immerse themselves in a world of music and creativity, a place where their ideas can be heard and explored as they develop skills in leadership, teamwork, listening and empathy—becoming confident music makers.  The Music Jam is designed as a multi-age model for all levels of musical skills. Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks.

1. Jul. 7 - 11, Mon to Fri, 9 AM - 4 PM
2. Jul. 21 - 25, Mon to Fri, 9 AM - 4 PM
$198 (+GST)
HALF DAY Music Jam Camp is available $99 (+GST).
1. Jul. 7 - 11, Mon to Fri, 9 AM - 12 PM
2. Jul. 21 - 25, Mon to Fri, 9 AM - 12 PM

Piano Jam Camp

Ages 6 to 12 years

Discover the art of creating, improvising and playing on the piano!  Explore different patterns and styles of music to “jam” in a group, discover and create new songs and learn new leadership, listening and teamwork skills through games, rhythm, improvisation, movement, group challenges, arts and crafts and more!  The Piano Jam is a multi-age camp designed for all-levels of piano skills. Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks.

July 14 - 18, Mon to Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
$198 (+GST)

Backstage Crew - Digital Video and Art Camp

Ages 6 to 12

Make a real music video? Yes, you can! You’ll have real Music Jam Camp to film. You’ll learn about filming, editing, sets, props and costumes. You’ll make concert posters, CD covers and much more! If you like technology and have a head full of creative ideas, this camp is for you. Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks

1. July 7 - 11, Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
2. July 21 - 25, Mon to Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
$198 (+GST)


Mad Scientist

Grades 3 and

Campers, strap on your safety goggles because this is going to be one messy week! Join us in making bubbling, boiling, blasting, gooey, sticky, fuzzy, chaotic concoctions that your parents would never let you make in your kitchen. This camp will definitely blow your socks off!
Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks.

July 14 - 18, Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
$198 (+GST)


Stop Motion Animation

Grades 3 and up

Make your imagination come to life! Get hands-on lessons in stop motion animation and filmmaking in this cool camp. Dream up a world, craft your characters and sets, and then tell a unique story in your very own mini-movie! Learn the principles of photography, record your own sounds, and bring it all together with video editing software. Lights, camera, action!
Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks.

August 11 - 15, Mon to Fri, 9:00 - 4:00

Robots! Robots!

Grades 3 and

Are you ready for a challenge? Start this exciting week off with a Lego Mindstorms robotic project and then move on to the challenging open source Arduino programming platform and build things that really move!
Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks

August 18 - 22, Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
$198 (+GST)


Minecraft Camp

Grades 3 and

Do you play Minecraft? So do we! Let’s take a closer look at one of the biggest, most creative games ever made and learn a ton along the way. Campers will get into the nitty gritty of what makes a Minecraft world tick, modifying many aspects of the game through a series of hands-on Java programming tutorials.
* IMPORTANT: Participants are expected to already have their own Minecraft account on the first day of camp (with login and password) for their personal use.
Things to bring to camp: Lunch and snacks.

August 25 - 29, Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 4:00
$198 (+GST)

Are you looking for programs to offer at your school? We can bring our programs and fun instructors to you! Please contact us for more information.

To register, or for more information, contact the Continuing Studies department at (250) 804-8888 or toll free 1-866-352-0103.


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