Learner-Centred Instructor Certificate Program

Applications are now open for the Learner-Centred Instructor Certificate (LCIC) program.

Applications are now open for the January  and May 2017 intakes of the LCIC program. To apply, please fill out the application form and email it to the Continuing Studies and Corporate Development office.  Okanagan College staff who are eligible to receive a tuition waiver should also complete a Learning & Teaching Tuition Waiver form. Log into my Okanagan, employee tab, OC Express-Forms, Continuing Studies to find the form. Completed tuition waivers should be sent to the employee's dean/director for approval

LCIC Course Dates for the January 2017 Intake

LCIC 101                 January 9 to January 22, 2017
LCIC 102                 January 26 to February 8, 2017
LCIC 103                 February 13 to February 26, 2017
LCIC 103                 February 25, 2017
Face-to-face Session    
LCIC 104                 March 2 to March 15, 2017
LCIC 105                 March 20 to April 2, 2017
LCIC 106                 April 6 to April 21, 2017

LCIC Course Dates for the May 2017 Intake

LCIC 101                  May 1 to May 14, 2017
LCIC 102                  May 16 to May 29, 2017
LCIC 103                  May 30 to June 12. 2017
LCIC 103                  June 10, 2017
Face-to-face Session    
LCIC 104                  June 13 to June 26, 2017
LCIC 105                  June 27 to July 10, 2017
LCIC 106                  July 11 to July 24, 2017

Please consult the Okanagan College Calendar description below for tuition costs.

Transfer Credit to Vancouver Community College (VCC) Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP)

Successful completion of the LCIC program is accepted by VCC as credit for two PIDP courses:  PIDP 3220 Delivery of Instruction and either PIDP 3250 Instructional Strategies or PIDP 3260 Professional Practice.

Please note:

  • All students are responsible for purchasing their texts directly from the Kelowna Campus Store or online at www.okanagan.bc.ca/campusstores.
  • Students will not be registered in the program until the tuition or an approved tuition waiver has been received.

Okanagan College Calendar Description