Vernon Campus Library

The Vernon Library Tree

Okanagan College

7000 College Way

Vernon, B.C.


V1B 2N5

Switchboard Telephone: (250) 545-7291   Local: 2247

Direct Library Telephone: (250) 503-2654

Fax: (250) 545-3277 From other campuses, local 2677




The Library staff at the Vernon Campus plays a major role in student learning and support.  We encourage all students to become familiar with their library as early as possible, and to participate in library information sessions offered during the first week of classes and research instruction workshops throughout the semester. 

Jennifer Sigalet, Vernon Campus Librarian

Daniel de Groot, Vernon Campus Library Assistant
Karen Friesen, Library Clerk lll
Stacey Davidson
Katie Brennan, Library Clerk lll

Other Vernon Campus Library Endeavours...


 Last Updated:February 4, 2014