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In September 2004 Dr. Andrea Deakin wrote the first issue of the Deakin Newsletter of Children's Literature. The newsletter was originally published by Okanagan University College on their website, however in July of 2005, the new Okanagan College assumed responsibility for its publication.

The Summer 2011 issue of The Deakin Newsletter announces the retirement of Dr. Andrea Deakin --our long time friend, mentor, and generous supporter of children's literature. With Andrea's retirement Okanagan College also announces the publication of the final issue of The Deakin Newsletter of Children's Literature. 

Final Issue:           Summer 2011  Andrea has retired!
Feature article:   Dr. Andrea Deakin & the Deakin Collection  (May 2004)
Contact:                Dr. Andrea Deakin


                                             Summer 2011 The Final Issue 




Stones for my Father

Scribbling Women 

Case closed Deadly Sindbad's Secret

Deakin Newsletter of Children's Literature  

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