Okanagan College Emergency Loan Program

Students who are temporarily short on funds for reasons beyond their control may be eligible for a small, short-term emergency loan. Emergency loans may be considered for items essential to attendance at Okanagan College (e.g. books, supplies, rent, food).


Please Note:

  • Emergency loans are NOT given for payment of tuition and/or fees
  • Emergency loans are NOT given at the end of a term/study period as an “advance” on monies anticipated in the following study period
  • Emergency loans are NOT considered for students who are at the end of their study period


Basic Requirements:

To be considered for an emergency loan, students:

1) must have paid their tuition and fees in full OR be approved for a government student loan. Emergency loans are not given for payment of tuition and/or fees;

2) must be fully registered and have started attending class;

3) must require an emergency loan due to circumstances beyond their control and have exhausted all other potential sources of assistance; and

4) must be prepared to provide an explanation as to why they are short of funds, what efforts have been made to secure other sources of funds, what expenses will be paid with the loan, and the method/source of repayment. Proof of repayment may be required if repayment will be from a source other than an expected government student loan and/or grant.



1) Complete the attached emergency funding application form in full.  If requesting an emergency loan for textbooks, you must attach a complete list of required books and prices, including HST. The bookstore will provide you with a printout.

2) Make an appointment with a Financial Awards Assistant by contacting the Financial Aid & Awards department.  Hours of operation are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Summer hours of operation are 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Telephone: (250) 862-5419  Toll-free (in BC): 1-800-767-5492

3) Bring any relevant documentation to the interview regarding what type of expenses the loan is for and the source of repayment.

4) If your request for an emergency loan is approved, a cheque will be available for pick-up at a predetermined time from the Student Services Welcome Centre at the Kelowna Campus, or the campus administration office in Penticton, Vernon or Salmon Arm.  Photo ID is required to pick up the cheque.