Recommended Career Planning Web Sites

Career Cruising

An interactive Canadian career guidance resource that provides in-depth profiles on hundreds of different careers, detailed info on colleges and universities, and interviews with real people in every career. Click on Matchmaker and do a 93 question Career Interest Inventory.
Contact Counselling Services to receive the Username and Password that will allow you access to the program.

Work BC 
WorkBC is committed to help British Columbians successfully navigate B.C.’s labour market. Search the comprehensive job board or use up-to-date labour market​ information to help guide your education and career path. Learn more about how WorkBC can assist you as a job seeker to navigate jobs in B.C.’s labour market.
Alberta's version of BC Occupational Outlook.

Career Key

Provides an assessment tool to analyze what you like to do, what you value and what your abilities are. Based on your input, it then assigns you one or more personality types and provides advice on occupations that best fit each personality type. Based on John Holland's theory of personality types.

Canada's Student Job Postings

Ranked one of the top 30 student job sites on the Internet. This site is succesful because it is advertised extensively in over 170,000 issues every month of jobpostings Magazine.
[jobpostings USA]


Discover your personality type and how it relates to careers. Average time for questionnaire is eight minutes. A shortened version of the MBTI.

Personality Type
A simplified quiz that allows you to explore your personality type and related careers.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Another personality test that can help you with self awareness and career exploration.

Yet another shortened version of the MBTI personality test.

Making Career Sense of LMI

Explains in basic, introductory terms what labour market information is and how it can be applied to career/ employment development.

What's Key

This web site is designed to steer users toward an array of selected career, learning and labour market information sources and tools, handpicked by knowledgeable practitioners.


Canada's one-stop resource for the information and interactive planning tools you need to explore learning and education opportunities, research occupations, and create the financial plans to achieve your goals.

Tech Works

Careers in the technology sector are on the rise!

What Can I Do With A Major in...
The following web sites will give you information on which majors lead to which careers.